Thursday, August 22, 2013

Awesome Pictures

Awesome Pictures
Somewhere in Vietnam .. Canal River through a paddy field.

Beautiful New Zealand ...

Facing a Manta Ray through a Giant Aquarium.

Enchanted River is found in Philippines . It is called "enchanted" because no one has ever reached its bottom. Many people, including scuba divers, have tried reaching for the bottom but have failed, hence the legend of its bottomless pit. Moreover, locals share that NOBODY has been successful in catching the fish in this river, whether by hand or by spear. They say its bluish color is a result of its depth and the water clarity changes throughout the day. At around 12:00 pm, the water becomes clearer and even more majestic.  

Under the clear blue water of Lake Huron in Ontario. 

3 D Street Art, Rennes, France.

Tree house, Philippines.

A stone path across a lake in Poland.

Ausangate mountain, Andes, Peru . Want to go on a trek? 

The water spirals of Elakala Waterfalls ~ Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia.

Zhangjiaje Stone Forest in Hunan, China. It is the inspiration for the floating mountains in the movie "Avatar."

Hong Kong.

Purple and Orange Starfish on the Beach.


Poland has a forest full of bent pine trees (Crooked Forest).

Christ the Redeemer Statue overlooking the whole of Rio was pretty special. You could see it from everywhere you went. I also have to say that the majority of the people who lived there, including the 'natives' (especially in the favelas) knew exactly who it was and respected it and what it stands for.

Every home should have this! - The staircase slider.  

The Astonishing Annual Red Crab Migration.

Each year millions of bright red land crabs leave their burrow homes on Australia 's Christmas Island and start a long, laborious trek toward the sea. They descend cliffs, climb banks and maneuver around obstacles to reach the shoreline and lay their eggs, eventually returning to the island's central plateau with their offspring in tow. The synchronized migration resembles a crimson-colored river undulating across the island and can last up to 18 days. The event typically takes place in November or December (the crabs will only move when it's raining) and coincides with the turning of high tide and the arrival of the waning moon.    

The Inhabited Volcanic Island of Aogashima, Japan. 

Guelta d'Archei Oasis, Sahara Desert.

The Victoria water lily is native to the Amazon river. 

Gudvangen, Norway.

The Tibetan Bridge in Claviere, Piedmont, Italy. 

Awesome Lighted Cherry Blossom Lake (Sakura, Japan) - Beautiful.

Prskalo Waterfall, Serbia.

Perspective, The Redwoods, California (The Redwood Forest). 

Zachariasbryggen - Bergen, Norway.

Cave Hotel in Cederberg Mountains, South Africa.

Vanishing Underwater Roller Coaster in Japan !!

Off the Amalfi Coast, Florence in  Italy.

A Bougainvilla Patio Garden.

Gorgeous reflection. 

Voringfossen is the 83rd highest waterfall in Norway on the basis of total fall.

Preikestolen, Norway.

The Great Artificial Elephant, Nantes, France.

AND FINALLY - Creative bathroom design! - Do you want this comfort room???'

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Missoula Chronicles: What to do with all these photography supplies?

The Missoula Chronicles present a special edition: what to do with all this photography supplies.

My uncle was an avid photographer in the 60s through 80s. After my mom got married and moved out, he converted her bedroom into a darkroom. Her bed is still in the corner.

He hasn't done any serious photography in over 25 years, probably 30 years.

Yet the equipment remains.

Now that old-school developing is going/has gone the way of the dinosaurs, what do we do with all this old-fashioned development and enlarger supplies?

I've taken some photos (it's a dark room, so it's dark. Hopefully not too dark.)

Any suggestions? Please help!

(Note, all supplies is in Missoula. I could bring it to Seattle sometime, or anywhere else for that matter, as long it was with reasonable objectives. IE, there's an eccentric millionaire in Vail who'll pay me "top dollar" for all this antique supplies.)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Greetings from Billings, 8/2/13

Greetings from Billings. 

Everyone I know here is old and/or related, so please excuse me reach out to the anonymous strangers online. The radio stations in this town are split between Christian and everything else ('everything' else being country or pop). Heard some FM talk radio last night going on about the numbers 666 found in various Hollywood names. They hooked me with an intro about how Hollywood propagates violent warmongers, etc etc (a theory I could agree with) but their featured speaker was some nut whose first piece of evidence was the 666 found in Walt Disney's signature, and then 666 everywhere else. 



You never had much going for you in the first place, must you descend down this road as well?