Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where's a Hollywood Exec when you need one?

I came up with this pitch for a movie a while ago while traveling through Virginia City, Montana.

A big Hollywood production coming to a small isolated Montana town to remake a classic western gunshooting movie. 

The producer dumps millions of dollars to ‘remake’ the location so it looks authentic, but in doing so pisses off the locals. 

The result is that instead of recreating a classic, old-school western set in 1800s wild-west Montana, they end up with a western-type movie set in modern wild-west Montana. 

In other words, a movie about the clashes that currently exist in modern Montana:  arrogant Hollywood celebs vs rednecks vs hippie farmers vs anti-government militia fear-mongerers vs isolationists vs meth-heads vs greasy politicians vs motorcycle gangs vs genuinely nice people who are shocked at the crass superficiality of Hollywood. 

Actually, I think it'd be everyone against the arrogant Hollywood celebs. Except the meth-heads. No one like meth-heads.

And I can’t figure out who’d be the good guys and who’d be the bad.

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