Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sounders vs Revolution

I drafted this article in early April, but couldn't finalize it in time for anything relevant. Instead I'm posting it here in reference for future "predictions"


I write this on the bus to the Revs game. I have a feeling that my main point of this piece will be relevant regardless of today’s outcome. All those whiners, worriers and pessimists crying over the Sounders "poor showing" thus far: give me a fucking break. Are you serious? 

Nothing but a 3-0 blowout over the Revs will change those tunes. 

Let me recap: at the beginning of the season I opined that we were "doomed", doomed being defined as no chance in CCL, probably not the Supporters Shield, only a decent shot at the MLS cup.

So far, I've been wrong. 

First, we filled Fredy's shoes with someone who could potentially be leagues better. Instead of a hopeful Colombian national, an experienced Nigerian national.  

Second, we did something no other MLS team has accomplished: come from a 2-0 deficit to beat a MX team in the CCL. 

Third, we accomplished what few MLS teams have done: tied a MX team on their home turf. And much to my dismay, we were one measly goal away from being in the CCL final. 

That is reason to celebrate. 

Sure, we lost late in our home opener against Montreal - a much stronger team than expected. We tied late disappointingly to Portland. Our RSL match was one of those blowouts every team needs to have at least once a season. 

We have 1 point and sit at the "bottom" of the table, but so fuckin what, we're only three games in! (Post-game update: two points and four games in, still at the bottom, still so what.)

He'll, we could be at the bottom in July and thanks to LAG v2012, and I'll say "so what". 

Cause it comes down to and Onion article from years back: "only four more months until meaningful baseball". The score of these games really doesn’t matter, the first four months of MLS play are more about building a team and congealing a force for the playoffs. 

So all you distraught “fans” calling for Sigi’s head, chill out. He’s got this.

You should be more disappointed that we'll have to wait until 2015 to win the CCL cup.

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