Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Missoula Chronicles: What to do with all these photography supplies?

The Missoula Chronicles present a special edition: what to do with all this photography supplies.

My uncle was an avid photographer in the 60s through 80s. After my mom got married and moved out, he converted her bedroom into a darkroom. Her bed is still in the corner.

He hasn't done any serious photography in over 25 years, probably 30 years.

Yet the equipment remains.

Now that old-school developing is going/has gone the way of the dinosaurs, what do we do with all this old-fashioned development and enlarger supplies?

I've taken some photos (it's a dark room, so it's dark. Hopefully not too dark.)

Any suggestions? Please help!

(Note, all supplies is in Missoula. I could bring it to Seattle sometime, or anywhere else for that matter, as long it was with reasonable objectives. IE, there's an eccentric millionaire in Vail who'll pay me "top dollar" for all this antique supplies.)

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