Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear Diary

Today was a good day.

Lonely, lonely rat trap
We walked out to a rocky point at the end of the road. They had made a fence that stretched from the sea at one side of the point, across the point and into the sea on the other side of the point. The fence was high and solid and had a double gated entry on it, I guess to keep out rats, mongoose (mongeese?) and dogs. I don't know how well it worked cause there were rat traps all over the point.

The point was made a sanctuary for birds and monk seals and that's why the big fence -rats, mongoose (or mongeese?) and dogs eat birds and their eggs. So we walked around and saw some albatrosses, which we concluded the plural form should be "albatri", but is actually "albado". (Let me know if you get that joke).

We also saw Monk seals, but I wish the people who maintained the sanctuary did a better job of saying how far you should be from the Monk seals -of which there are only 1,200 left in the world. I didn't see any signage saying "stay at least 150 feet away" until I had already been within 20 feet of them, and that was only cause there was a kid near me who was 15 feet away from them. I hope my actions today don't contribute to the further decline of the Monk seal.
I swear there's a Monk seal in this picture.
We also saw some whales, but there were little more than tiny puffs of mist on the horizon, sometimes followed by a dark hump-like object breaking the surface. Tiny whales breached, though I didn't see the breaching part, only the post-breaching splash. If I had taken a photo, it would've just looked like a photo of the sea.

Then we went swimming and watched the sunset and stuff like that.

Some locals shared with us their homemade pickled mango.
It was good.
They were friendly and played Hawaiian pop music very loudly. I like Hawaiian pop music and am really touched at how prolific it is. I haven't heard a mainland top-40 (or bottom 40 for that matter) song since we arrives.
Watching the sunset.

I also took lots of photos of my feet. I think I'll start another blog of photos of my fingershoes. Maybe they'll pay me for it.

My feet.

Thanks diary, I hope you had a nice day too.

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