Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Dominic Holden should run against Richard Conlin

This guy?
Or this guy? Are you fucking kidding me?
There's been too much focus on the mayor's race. There some strong and progressive challengers and though I like the Mayor, I know he's got a tough battle.

So, I'm like, so what?

A bigger issue is who's not being challenged: multi-term incumbent Richard Conlin.

Conlin is horrible for above all being the epitome of the green-washing hypocrite. He claims the environmental champion label for his work legalizing urban chickens and curbside gardens, endearing him to some, um, of Seattle's greener greenies.

Meanwhile, he's the city council's biggest proponent of single-occupancy vehicles, championing the tunnel, destroying the monorail, to name but two of his "accomplishments".

Conlin needs to go. So far, no one has stepped up to challenge him. But one person has pondered it publicly, and that person would be not only a great candidate, he'd be a kick-ass councilmember.

So, with total rip-off of Letterman's standard, here are...


10- "Dominic Holden" is a great political name. Everyone likes a Dom -strong, powerful, um, dominant- and everyone identified with Holden Caufield in high school. Win win!

9- He has a track record of running successful campaigns.

8- He's right on all the right issues.

7- He appeals to key constituents that should be more involved in city politics.

6- His paying job can figure it out. Journalists running for office is nothing new, there's plenty of precedent. His boss grants him a leave of absence or just transfers his beat to another section, like movie reviews or something.

5- He's got connection$, both monetary and political. This is just an assumption, but one based on, y'know, his boss getting President Obama to make a "It Gets Better" Video.

4- Did I mention that Conlin needs to go?

3- Grant Cogswell lives in Mexico City and probably won't run, but he'd also be a great candidate: experience, vision, connections to really rich people (who may or may not donate to his campaign, but he ran  before he knew the Gyllenhal gang), HAD A FUCKING MOVIE MADE ABOUT HIM! If Grant lived in Seattle, I'd convince him to run and volunteer for his campaign. But he doesn't, so Dom is the next best bet.

2-  He's already written both a damning critique of Conlin (plenty of them, actually) and his vision of what Seattle should be (though the latter is more implied through his witing).

1- He's a great journalist; he'd be a better city councilmember.

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