Saturday, January 26, 2013

Godwin's Second Law

I have a phenomena that needs a good name.

Godwin's Law is "the inappropriate use of Hitler/Nazi comparisons and analogies" and/or "the phenomena that the longer the Internet argument/thread comments the probability of comparing the topic at hand to nazism/Hitler reaches 1."

I've noticed a similar trend: "the inappropriate use of civil rights/Lincoln/slavery comparison/analogies."

And or: "the longer the echo chamber (the opposite of an argument) especially concerning social movements, the eventuality of invoking civil rights/MLK Jr/Lincoln/slavery, etc."

Examples: quotes/comments/thoughts that MLK would support the NRA; the Tea Party is a civil rights movement; Sarah Palin/Michele Bachman/Rand Paul model their thoughts and ideology after Lincoln; "socialized medicine/Obamacare is really enslaving health care workers/doctors"; etc.

Now it needs a good name. Suggestions?

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