Friday, January 4, 2013

It's a "Can I eat this?" Double header!

One of the... um, advantages of being away from home for two weeks is that there's all sorts of molding, fermenting food in the house!

Add to the pot-pourri a lack of actual edible food, general unenthusiasm for leaving home, and a lack of funds for buying actual non-moldy food if we were to leave home, and the result are several new entries for the latest blog-wave: "Can I eat this?"

Today we have a double header, as Briana respectfully pulled from the back of the fridge a jar of plums that I semi-processed back in September.

("Semi-processing" is going through the hassle of pitting and boiling fruit without adding sugar to make jam and/or alcohol, or doing anything else with the concoction other than let it sit in the fridge).

From a distance, it could be art.

Maybe that's an idea: instead of blogging, I should go down to the farmer's market and peddle my wares as inedible food-art, like gourds and sour plums.

I especially like the texture! If it hadn't been sitting my fridge for three months, I'd mistake it for a fancy variation of French mousse.

ANYway, upon further inspection, it's not so enticing.

Funny, that mold wasn't there before I left for Hawaii.

(Mold is kinda cool, especially if you're a small child and still learning about things in the world and what's safe to eat and what's not. What's wrong with that sentence vis-a-vis the theme of the blog?)

Wanna see something really cool? Of course you do! The inner mold -which is only on the top of the plum stuff, meaning if I take it off it's safe to eat, right?- has shaped itself to the top of the jar.

It's kinda cool if you look at it closely. Here, I'll add another photo:

It's at this point when I realize that I'm still recovering from the slight buzz that resulted in the previous installation of CIET.  And if there's one thing I remember from chemistry class, it's something about... like... um... not mixing experiments.

I should hold off on experimenting with the plum stuff after I'm absolutely 100% recovered from the pineapple stuff.

I'll just sneak this jar back into the fridge. Don't tell my girlfriend.

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