Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Freddy Adu, Part II; The Martins Boogaloo

I've been following the Obafemi Martins drama too much. (It in itself is too much: the sorta trashy soccer gossip that Europe/Mexico/the rest of the world suffers through year around, Now on American shores!)

Last week I wrote an article for Prost Amerika (reprinted here! on IC!) arguing that the Sounders need a top-notch striker in order to compete this year. Obafemi Martins is such a striker. So is Freddy Adu.

(Ok, if Martins is 99% what we need, Adu is 60%: a passing grade, and better than Ochoa (5%) Rosales (17%) and Estrada (24%)).

As the Martins drama winds down (?) we should at least have a Plan B. Plan B is Freddy Adu.

Back in  January I opined that we should pick up Adu- admittedly not a perfect fit, but SSFC would do him good.

Then this morning's article in WaPo nearly broke my heart. It's sort of the opposite of the Martins/Levante ordeal.

For starters he needs a good club with good coaching (Philly was such a mess last year, I feel sorry for the entire squad).  He also has potential, still. Finally he's a fraction of the cost of Martins. Sure, he may be a fraction of the player, but he's got what we need: striking ability.

Someone put these thoughts into Freddy's head: "I can either continue taking the highest bidder (currently he makes $700k, but doesn't play for, Philadelphia), and bounce from club to club, and probably end up in the Kazakhstan or somewhere. Or I can think long-term, like the US National Team, but taking a big pay cut but with a quality coach. Like Sigi Schmid."

SSFC  + Martins = MLS Cup.

SSFC + Adu would still win MLS Cup.

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