Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Hmmm... This guy played in England. I wonder what he can do."

Disclaimer: the author is in a bit of a state of euphoria: Sounders just made a helluva triumphant second half come-back and are going to the CCL semi-finals. (Furthermore, author is also a Barcelona fan, who earlier made a *cough cough* similar -albeit far superior- come-back victory, also in a Champions League elimination game. Author is very happy).

Euphoria aside, author would like to stake the claim that Djimi Traore's volley was The Best Goal in Sounders FC History.

There have been other 'very good" goals in SSFC history: Montero had several goals of the week, even goal of the year (runner up? winner?). I also fondly (and sadly) recall O'Brien White's Mauro-fed mystical header a few years back. 

But Traore's was the simply best scored in Sounders FC short history. In good-old American fashion, here's a top ten list why:

10: My thoughts when Traore got the ball: "Hmmm... This guy played in England. I wonder what he can do." Question answered.

9: Technical: it was a phenomenal strike from a long distance. See #6,

8: Momentumal (yes, "momentumal" I get to make up works when I'm drunk and ecstatic): Yedlin's goal got us back in the game, this one showed that we could win it.

7: Yedlin's was also phenomenal, and I dare say second best in history. The fact it came from a rookie starting in his second game, the first goal in his professional career, all make a strong case. Except Traore's was just more powerful.

6: Did I say it was awesome? Every time a Sounder defender (or any defender in MLS for that matter) winds up to make that strike, it's launched twenty yards over the fieldgoals. Someone who can put it in? See my last article about Sounders-level vs Top-Level.

5: This goal had meaning: none of the other contenders for BGISH prize came in a high-stakes elimination game; or at least in not as high of a stakes game. A great goal in league play is... just a great goal. A great goal in play-offs... have we had any of those? All games at not equal, thus neither are goals.

4: Traore stepped up to the plate. Montero didn't. I'm not a Montero hater, but had he scored in playoffs, his legacy might be different.

3: HOLY SHIT A DEFENDER SCORED THAT GOAL!?! Gonzalez had a good strike once, years ago. Hurtado headed a couple in, but see Point #6.

2: Traore (and Yedlin) have made me completely re-assess my pre-season predictions. Hell, I said to kiss CCL goodbye. I LOVE being proven wrong!

1: We signed the right guy. I shuttered when we got rid of Parke and didnt' replace him with someone "as good". Parke could never make that shot. Every time Sounders sign an aging star from the Euro leagues, there's an audible rolling of the eyes. There's a collective worry that we caught the MLS Aging European Syndrome. (Case in point: Silvestre's first half as a Timber). We needed someone to save our league prospects, and in addition we get someone who helps pave the road to a CCL semi-final. 

So, that's my argument. Am I right, or am I write?

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