Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Missoula Chronicles, July 30, 2013

Oh B, the presents you have awaiting for them to meet your eyes as they explode with joyous tears and celebration!

Oh, the joy! Oh, the humanity!

Wanna guess?

Nah, don't guess.


I'm wondering how many gifts to bring you. There are so many! You're going to like them so much!

Ahem. How are you?

We cleared out a major chunk of the garage today, and by major I mean maybe a four foot wide stretch from the path to the wall, covered in bolts and parts and air filters (8 o them, none of them one of yours surprises) windshield wipers (6, again none for you) and... Junk. It's just junk.

We launched the endeavor because we heard that there a large box underneath everythig that had been sitting there since the 50s. Uncle bought it'd take 3 days and its supposed to rain so be didn't want to do it. Boy did we show him. After an hour of digging while he was at work we abandoned it got lunch and went for a short hike up the rattlesnake. We came back to find him almost done. Mom tip toed between two engine blocks to open the crate, to find another dozen paintings from grandma.

Including nudes!


There are hornets all over the place.

So we're sitting in the from yard. Mom and uncle are reminiscing. I'm writing you. We'd like to sit around the picnic table in the backyard but uncle says its buried in the storage container siting in the front yard. I ask what's in it, and he says art supplies, yard sale stuff, and generator and then Launches into some sort of diatribe and CMEs , which is some sort of giant solar emission from the sun that's going to wipe out all electronics, and how the container is a sort of safe box for that.


We have a long ways to go.

How are you?

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