Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where did this come from?

Sometimes... the writing I dig out of my computer... what the hell?

My favorite cats are green-eyed Cheshires
I sing them songs of sparrows and mice
And leave tin cans of spiced minced meat
Under random cottonwood trees

I’m secretly trying to lure them
The entire conspiracy of green-eyed Cheshires
Down from their cottonwood tree
A grinning, ear-twitching green-eyed Cheshire
Your grin belies your silver spiked teeth
With peppered fur and midget’s bells
Your grin belies your silver spiked teeth
“Come down from your fair tree!” I sing
then add a line about sparrows and mice.

            “Sparrows and mice live just fine
            La la la LEE, la la  la LEEE
la la la LEEE la  la la laaaaaaaahhhhh….”

Stealing leaves from a green-eyed Cheshire
Singing songs about spallows and mice
Luring a green-eyed Cheshire,
“come down from your fair tree!” 
Peppered fur and a midget’s bell
Grinning, twitching eared, green-eyed Cheshire
Obsession with Cheshires.
Feel her soft skin
Come down from you fair tree!
And those incriminating feathers,
Yellow blue and burgundy
Circling your chest like a Hollywood ball boa

Come down from your fair tree!
Sweet, green-eyed Cheshire
Your grin belies your silver spiked teeth
I will sing you songs about sparrows and mice
May you grant me one silent wish

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