Friday, July 5, 2013

Planet Revenge: Scene 2. On the rocky coast of Scotland.

SCENE 2, PLOT B. Rocky coast of Scotland. [Sharks]

It's one of those rolling green fields , clear blue skies and blustery seashore scenes ubiquitous with Scotland. 

There are a couple stone huts in a village taken out of the Highlander, Game of Thrones, or the Hobbit.

A red-headed child, about ten years old (think Ron Howard in the Andy Griffith show) bounces excited into the kitchen to find his mother washing dishes/cooking mutton/spinning wool. She could be Helen Hunt

"Mummy!" He cries in a strong but still intelligible accent. "They're swimming in the bay!"

"What?" Asks Mum, distracted momentarily from her food/dinnerware/apparel manufacturing.

"They're swimming in Dundee Bay!"

"Who'd be silly enough to swim out there?"

"Craig and Brian and nearly all my class! They're swimming."

"Oh my! It's never been warm enough to swim in these waters."

"I'm going to join them!"

"Ok, but stay with your brother." She's barely able to add the warning before the child bounces out the door and down to the waters seen from the kitchen window.

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