Sunday, June 23, 2013

I wrote this poem a long time ago

early august, 1995
Hopefully Instead of Reason, Our Salvation Happens Instantly, without Meaningless Anticipation

first sit from the heavy sauce and think
out the window down ten feet, over twenty meters lies a radio
htz and hundreds numbered 
from its monomouth echos shantily a pop song
huey lewis and the news/heart of gold/sports
1984 was a shitty year 
Der Tag Dann Nach arrived in the wee hours in faded blue irredescent brightness staining white eyes of the village sleeping in quiet somberance
the hooligans all left hannover with hangovers and handcuffburns
something left the rest of us

from this window i can see four cement poles, tin corrigated 
yellow fields browned from harvest
white walls
red roofs made from rock that appear unindigeanous to the area 
nothing asthetic or athiestic and apealing to the eye
[like a nice model with curves and burning red lips
selling soft drinks
auto marks branded on her brests
oil and beer brands tattoo attractively around the navel
if she has a sweet mouth she can talk intellectually
in circles about tampons
the real raw meat, none of that bullshit
salesmen show you wankers [branleurs
and wächslers] giggle about, this is
 Blood, the stuff that spouts from your
throats when we slit them in the
 revolution, trample your bodies into fertilizer,
spread it across the fields and hope that none
of your demon seed infects the crops
for the forthcoming liberated generations....]

i want to hit the masses with Red anger in the nose
give them a complex about facial features because
they dont look like the whore on the billboard
with insurance premiums and blowjobs imprinted in the fineprint along the ridges that curve along her lower Red pouting lip
paint the world Red 
spread communism sex and the national blood
spilled for our freedom
all over the world the blood spilled
the hungry communistic freedom blood
spilled in a rampant orgy
with pepsi cola
a flood of chinamen running red
spilling over the Yalu river
for our freedom
red paint spilled over maps of old europe
dilluted with champaign, smeared with stinky fingers
(the Party's raging!)
in the wee hours as the smoke settles
her buttocks flatten the prussians.
the blood of a hundred million almond eyes spilled in mass
irreverance for freedom and coca cola
tHe IrRelevant blOod Stains of
one          [second]
Hundred       percent
fIfty years ago to the thought
two   many    times
tHousAnd     still
nine     [05]
tHIrty frozen moments unfold before us 
one more is me
evaporated by irredescendent brightness
[agaIn and agaIn]
into deserts of glass
staining white eyes
mouths dropped in a half circle upwards
mumbling along the daily routine
singing lullabies
white blood staining wallls
it must be their souls

Now we can stand glowing glad
and wave flags of red white and blue
blood streamed from their eyes in tears
our hunger raged us blind to oblivion
the communists froze god in silverchromatic landscapes
he lusted into the virgin with hollow eyes

A computer impaled on a billboard bright lights highlighting
breasts and the auto marks and beer stains branded
sexy like a well-used spitoon
In the new world they sell computers
in the ideal world they shoot up computers

in the real world they will shoot computers.

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