Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movie Treatment: Planet Revenge

I came up with this treatment a couple months ago, but haven't been able to flush it out completely. Perhaps if Mr. Bruckheimer just blessed me with some of his pocket change -cough, cough- I could turn this is into the Michael Bay Blockbuster it is meant to be!

Tagline: When something is under attack, what does it do? Fight back.

Summary: Five! No, six! Wait, 7! Or 8 or 9!! Interconnected stories about the least expected ways that the world ‘ends’.               

A couple vacationing in Hawaii suffers a freak allergic reaction!

A pod of great white sharks is found trolling off the coast of Scotland (where such sharks have never before been found).

Kamikaze birds in Hong Kong pock out people's eyes!!

Insects turn in hoards and overwhelm towns in the Midwest, eating people alive!

Ants attacking in Bombay!

Food shrinking on the vine instead of growing!

Ground water tables suddenly disappearing, as if the earth opened up and swilled them whole!

These different scenarios 8 scenarios play out against a back-drop of actual environmental disasters -droughts, famines, hurricanes and tornadoes, etc.

To paraphrase Pat Buchanan: “humans have declared war on nature, and now nature is exacting an awful retribution”.

Planet Revenge, coming soon to a blog near you!

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