Thursday, June 27, 2013

Planet Revenge: Scene 1


A montage of farming and agriculture footage, ending with boring sprinklers in action, bees buzzing from crop to crop, and a wheat farmer harvesting his grain in Maddoc, Montana.

SCENE 1 (Plot A, Honolulu, beach at sunset) [allergies]

It's a beautiful sunset at Waikiki, the kind that you've seen on plenty of postcards.

Frolicking in the calm waves are you sexy, young lovers, let's call them Monkey and Kitty, nicknames that they've given themselves. Viewers don't know this but the nicknames reflect their sexual proclivities.

In an ideal world, Kitty would be played by Megan Fox -sexy, cute, unrealistic- but by the time this script comes to film, Megan Fox will be obscure, aged, and saggy. Likewise, Monkey is a handsome yet nondescript fellow, let's say Joseph Gordon Levitt.

They're playing in the water, Kitty more confident in the water than Monkey.

"Come on over to the deep end, Monkey!" Kitty sweetly asks.

"C'mon, you know I'm not a good swimmer." True, Monkey, as his name might suggest to anyone who has witnessed monkeys in the ocean, lacks confidence in the water and is slightly struggling, not quite panicking.

"Then let’s play…," says Kitty, flirtatious ferocity -like that of a kitten on the verge of mischief- growing in her eyes, "Shark attack!" And she lurches in the water after Monkey.

"Argh!" Monkey shrieks skittishly! "You know how I feel about sharks!" As he stops shrieking die down, he starts a mild cough.

"Aw, Monkey, you're so cute when you're afraid!" Kitty says lovingly, pulling herself closer to him. Luckily, most of their bodies are submerged, otherwise the action underwater would threaten the film's PG-13 rating.

However, Monkey's coughing hasn't stopped. In fact, it's getting worse. He's standing chest-high, so he's not choking on water. It's something else. The coughing intensifies. This is serious.

"Are you ok?" Asks Briana, her face suddenly flashing to anxiety. Monkey looks up at her, his face is deep blue and swollen. "Help!" is barely audible from his cracking lips.

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